Nicola Brown | Who is my first online felting workshop designed for?
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Who is my first online felting workshop designed for?

Detail from large felt wall hanging

Who is my first online felting workshop designed for?

Do you find lack of time or physical well being inhibits your hands on felting experience? Would you like to have all the fun of the creative process with none of the traditional rubbing and rolling? Are you interested in creating well finished decorative or wearable flat felt including nuno? Would you like to add another technique to your repertoire? Are you new to felting? Would you like to work in colour or felt in natural fibres to create pieces which you will print or dye later? Are you looking for a Christmas present for a good friend or even for yourself?

If you answer yes to any or all of the above then my first intensive six week online felting workshop may be the one for you!

It’s now open for registration but the first module doesn’t actually get released until 9th of January so there’s plenty of time to get organised and enjoy the holiday season first. The total cost is $220 (or €200) for the full workshop and all course content will be online for a full 6 months from the start date! I’ll be available to answer all your questions and give constructive feedback via the discussion forums and through a private Facebook group for participants.

Please click here for more information or to sign up and here if you would like to read answers to some frequently asked questions.

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