Nicola Brown | Using a felting roller to speed up the nuno process!
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Using a felting roller to speed up the nuno process!

Using a felting roller to speed up the nuno process!

Yesterday morning I felted the piece which will actually be the first in my section of the new book with Chrissie, it’s a beautiful but simple scarf and I think the perfect project for anyone wanting to try nuno felting for the first time. I’m not going to have much time to blog for the next few days as I’m teaching, felting, writing, at the market and preparing the house for Dawn Edwards to arrive this day next week!!!

Using my 'niki & niki' roller directly on top of the bubble wrap

I will however post a few pics as I go along, the one today shows me using my felting roller on the top of the bubble wrap at the early stages of making my scarf yesterday. Instead of rubbing with my hands as I usually would before starting to roll, I simple rolled back and forwards with my ‘niki & niki’ felting roller all over my package 20 times on each side and the short fibre merino was already starting to migrate through the heavy silk fabric! Half the rubbing replaced with this rolling and a lot faster result, yay!!!

Nicola Brown
  • karin
    Posted at 11:04h, 10 April Reply

    Give Dawn a very warm welcome. She is so excited to work with you and those people that love the feel and joy of fiber. We are anxious to return your greeting when you come to share Dawn’s home and love in Michigan. Enjoy and celebrate two women and then many artist coming together.

    I wish I was there.

  • viltalakim
    Posted at 11:44h, 10 April Reply

    I I need togive it a try too! I got such a roller from Sweden 🙂 I think there they use it to make Knackebrod with it, hihihi

  • marjorie
    Posted at 01:16h, 11 April Reply

    What a cool tool!

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