Nicola Brown | Two nuno felt wraps using the same fabrics but different coloured merino
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Two nuno felt wraps using the same fabrics but different coloured merino

Two nuno felt wraps using the same fabrics but different coloured merino

Yesterday I was very busy felting! I’m going to be away unexpectedly next week (thanks George for stepping up to the mark at zero notice to house and Rex sit, Annette I’ll be in touch about July!) so I need have to have a batch of wearables ready for the golf club tomorrow morning. While I’m away there’s going to be a fashion night there so thanks must also go to Lady Captain Eileen Kelly who’s going to organise someone to display and look after my pieces! My beautiful new cotton gauze arrived on Tuesday afternoon from Charlotte Buch so I decided to felt some nuno wraps combining this with short fibre merino, ponge silk and sari silk from my stash. Killing two birds with one stone I also took pictures of the process, these pieces took a long time to lay out but were fulled in the dryer and that’s how I could felt more than one in a day. This processes is one I will be exploring in the new book with Chrissie and is wonderful for anyone who finds nuno felting either tiring or time consuming!!! Talking of time I must dash now, here’s a close up shot of the finished wraps, note how using the same fabrics but a different colour fibre results in complimentary but very different end results.

Turquoise and apple green merino combined with the same silk and cotton surface fabrics offer two different end results

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Nicola Brown
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  • Dawn Edwards
    Posted at 02:10h, 02 March Reply

    Lovely wraps Nicola … And, gorgeous photo with the surrounding countryside … Can’t wait to see it in person;-)

    Big hugs,

  • 1marylou
    Posted at 03:21h, 02 March Reply

    All your work is beautiful!

  • Annie and Lyn
    Posted at 09:06h, 02 March Reply

    Beautiful colours and textures – they’ll be a hit!

  • Jennifer Toland (@JenHotHead)
    Posted at 12:06h, 05 March Reply

    These are just fab Nicola! It was so great to see these being created from inception to completion! Again, really enjoyed myself at the weekend 🙂 Thx

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