Nicola Brown | Sea Shapes, the first pictures and reflections from setting up the exhibition
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Sea Shapes, the first pictures and reflections from setting up the exhibition

Sea Shapes, the first pictures and reflections from setting up the exhibition

Looking back over the pictures I have taken over the last few days during the set up and start of the exhibition it is obvious that I need to take some more because my phone/camera is having some difficulty adjusting to the whiteness and the light in the space.  I am however, just going to post a few here today to give you a little idea of what I have been up to and share what the atmosphere is now like in the room.

Walls and radiator prior to filling and painting, no lights fitted yet

Each of the 6 artists exhibiting in Grennan Craft Mill were allocated their space approx 2 years ago (there  is now a 4 year waiting list to exhibit here for the festival!) and for me the room I am in is the perfect size for my felt, not too big and not too small, it serves as the students dining room during the teaching year.  All the levels of the mill were painted prior to the students show in June at the end of their  two year course which meant that the paint on the walls was fresh.  I did need to remove nails and screws etc. from where paintings had been hung and as well as filling and painting the resultant holes etc. I decided to paint the radiator as it definitely looked grubby and took away from the freshness of the white walls.  Usually I mix up my own filler when doing any repair jobs but for ease of convienience and in an effort to get everything done in time for the weekend I bought a ready made tube of a propriatory brand only to discover once I was using it the paste was grey and not white.  Hmmm, it did dry in 5 minutes as it promised but unfortunately needed several coats of paint in order to hide the underlying colour therefore meaning more time after all, you live and learn but it definitely didn’t say on the outside that the paste was not white, I checked!

Radiator painted, walls and plinths finished, lights installed

Once I was happy with the walls and the radiator I painted another couple of coats onto Eileen’s plinths and then was ready for Alan’s help setting up the spotlights.  Really he did a great job, SO many people have been asking about the lighting, we used little spotlights on a simple industrial looking silver track, the lights can be positioned anywhere on the track but our difficulty was that we were restricted to the length that actually came in the box!  A lot of thought later, positioning the black transformer and wiring in the kitchen, running new white flex around the roof etc. we got everything sorted to our satisfication, it was 11.40 at night before we left that night but definitely this work has made a big difference to the overall feel of the room and how the felt may be viewed.

To complete the set up I added a lightweight white and blue curtain to cover the kitchen door and Kilkenny Arts Festival provided very nice posters for us to use as part of our publicity materials.  I added one to the door of my room beside where I have my name, interestingly the door is painted orange and the colours in the poster are mainly turquoise, two of the highlight colours from my felt vessels!  A simple jug of miscanthus and teasels on the radiator, business cards, festival brochures, book for comments, price list and my artist statement finished the room.

Entrance to Sea Shapes

Reflections on the opening weekend and more pictures to follow next post.

Nicola Brown
  • Heather Woollove
    Posted at 12:32h, 08 August Reply

    What an enormous amount of work, Nicola! I’m sure it will be successful beyond your wildest dreams, though, and worth it!
    (I’m sure there’s a wonderful meal or treat now due Alan for all of his ‘sweat equity’!) 🙂 XXO-

  • Annie and Lyn
    Posted at 13:39h, 08 August Reply

    As a visitor to an exhibition, I would not realise the amount of work the exhibitee had to do prior to displaying the items !

    Looking forward to seeing the next lot of photos.

  • Dianne@sheepdreams
    Posted at 15:37h, 08 August Reply

    Your exhibit space looks terrific. Obviously, you put a lot of thought into the set-up. Can’t wait to hear a report on the whole experience.

  • Nic
    Posted at 16:23h, 08 August Reply

    Ah would love to see the exhibition space in person but fab to see your pics. More please!

  • Dawn Edwards
    Posted at 10:59h, 09 August Reply

    Good morning Nicola,

    Hats off to Alan…What a talent he is with all of the intricacies of the lighting and wiring. The lighting really changes the whole feel of the room and showcases your gorgeous vessel so well. The two of you make a great team in sprucing things up in fast order. The space is fantastic! So happy that it all came together so beautifully. Looking forward to additional photos.


  • Elaine Sackson
    Posted at 11:54h, 09 August Reply

    Really interesting. Wish that I could be at the Exhibition in person

  • Pam de Groot
    Posted at 12:26h, 09 August Reply

    I love that there is a wine glass in view so we know you have the priorities right. Take hold of that clean canvass and go for it.

  • Carole Dysart
    Posted at 15:33h, 09 August Reply

    So glad we are able to start sharing your experience via photos of your exhibit. Everything looks wonderful after all your hard work.. Cannot wait to see more. What a great feeling of accomplismment you must have…….it looks great!


  • woolbrain
    Posted at 15:55h, 09 August Reply

    Amazing transformation of the space, love the vessel shown, all the best for your exhibition. Looking forward to seeing more photos.

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