Nicola Brown | My beautiful felt phone cover, burnt due to my impatience
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My beautiful felt phone cover, burnt due to my impatience

My beautiful felt phone cover, burnt due to my impatience

I never did get to stitch the fish skin closure to the little felt phone cover I made yesterday afternoon.  Stupidly I got impatient waiting for the felt to dry and decided to leave it in my oven for a short while.  No problems there (I have used this trick before when I need a piece to dry quickly) except I forgot all about taking it out again and by the time I remembered the beautiful creamy white felt had become an aged yellowy colour! 

Wool neps and hand dyed tencel surface decoration


I did however, manage to take a picture of the front with my iPhone, email it to mysef, save it to my pictures and post it here now, amazing!  Once I get a few apps downloaded I hope to be able to post directly to the blog.  The tencel shines beautifully in the light and the wool neps give a nice texture but I think that you should be able to see a slightly browner/yellower colour at the top of the little cover and the reverse view is even more burnt.  I also have a small pocket on the back for my Moo cards, really handy and I am just going to use the cover for a couple of days until I get a minute to felt another one!

Nicola Brown
  • lbrounen
    Posted at 13:37h, 20 September Reply

    someone as creative as you will find a purpose for (parts of) this piece, I’m sure. I wish you a very nice trip to the States and of course:

    happy felting!


  • cedar
    Posted at 15:03h, 20 September Reply

    Your so domestic, cooking right up to the time you have to go…lol….

  • Dorie
    Posted at 07:31h, 21 September Reply

    you can always dye it over with maybe tomatosauce..?

  • Dawn Edwards
    Posted at 10:27h, 21 September Reply

    Now, that’s funny Cedar:-) Cooking, sewing, cleaning…She does it all! He! He!!! Thanks for the chuckle. (What would you do without friends, Nicola?…We’re a warped bunch!!!) Actually Nicola, if I didn’t have my extra strong reading glasses on, I’m sure I wouldn’t notice a thing.

    Safe travels, Nicola, and will look forward to seeing you very soon.


  • irina
    Posted at 06:03h, 22 September Reply




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