Nicola Brown | A few natural print images
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A few natural print images

A few natural print images

Yesterday I spent the day printing nuno felt wraps, one silk scarf, a vintage silk skirt and a wall hanging, that is when I wasn't cuting myself with metal or catching the top of one finger in my tongs! I was very happy with the results of the silk scarf (a welcome but unexpected result!), skirt and wall hanging but although the wraps printed well they didn't have as dark colour a base colour as I was looking for so back to the felting table today.

The scarf had been bundled with eucalyptus leaves and wrapped around a copper pipe about a week ago and then I discovered that there just wasn't space to add it to the dye pot at that time. It sat in the studio and the silk got greener and greener (a bit like my hair!), once I took it out of the pot yesterday and opened it up I was thrilled with the speckles, a welcome surprise!

One of the joys of natural printing is the unbundling, although it is possible to predict to a large extent the results when using familiar organic materials, water and pot etc. there's always that unknown element that pops up to surprise on occasion!

Here's a detail from the wall hanging, this will either be heading to a gallery or onto my new online shop, the shop is what I'll be finishing this week as soon as I have the last of my Showcase orders fulfilled.



Nicola Brown
  • Joy Nelson
    Posted at 12:58h, 16 February Reply

    Beautiful. What a lovely surprise after opening the scarf. Some lovely colours. I also love the strength of the print in the wall hanging. How satisfying.

  • Steph Jacobs
    Posted at 16:05h, 17 February Reply

    The clarity of these prints is just astounding. I had to look twice to assure myself the leaves weren’t still sitting on the fabric. Amazing!

  • Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right
    Posted at 04:14h, 18 February Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

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